Friday, July 2, 2010

Missed it by that much

You may or may not recognize the name Wes Studi, but surely you recognize him when you see his picture.

He is one of those guys that ends up being asked to play in all the Native American type movies and does an excellent job. I think my favorite is his portrayal of Magua in the epic Last of the Mohicans.

As we drove on our trip, we were ready to call an end to the first of driving right around the time we landed in Roswell, NM. Unbeknownst to us, this weekend is also the weekend of the celebrated Roswell UFO Festival.

I never would have known it, but Wes Studi also had a role in Avatar. I think I didn't recognize him because he was green and morphed by a computer. But, that role, and his fame, qualify him to be a celebrity guest at this year's festival.

Also appearing around town, Adrienne Barbeau, whom I know as having starred in Swamp Thing a very long time ago, Julian Sands, the recognizable and vaguely familiar thin British actor from odd movies and the Marvel Comic Book Characters.

Unfortunately, or some might say fortunately, we had to push on after an overpriced night's stay and missed the entire festival.

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