Thursday, July 8, 2010

O.P.M. (Other People's Memories)

When we travel, for some reason we regularly end up browsing in some of the local antique shops. Last night, we hit the local Brass Armadillo in Golden, Colorado.

While browsing around in this enormous antique mall, I was struck by the number of old photographs that were for sale. You could get pictures of Army Units, like the one pictured here, photos with a note to friends and sweethearts, old men, babies, fashionable ladies, people in front of the homestead...all manner of old pictures really.

I thought this seemed a little sad. When does it come time for your family photos to end up fodder for an antique dealer? Shouldn't these pictures be in someone's home where they can point out what Uncle Harry looked like when he was in the war or the house that Great-Grandma May lived in?

I couldn't help but wonder what had happened to the families that should have cherished some of these pictures instead of leaving me to ponder other people's memories.

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Nichole said...

:( I have often wondered the same, and wished I had pictures like those for my family. And I would venture to guess that Diane has something to do with ending up in the antique shops? ;)