Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On My Honor....I will get us a kickback.

I mentioned to you that I was on a trip to Nebraska. Joining us in my hometown of McCook was Senator Ben Nelson.

The honorable Mr. Nelson was there to dedicate a statue depicting him having his Eagle Scout Badge being pinned on him by his parents, which was being dedicated over the weekend. The statue was entitled "On My Honor".

You may remember Senator Nelson as the man who refused to sign the healthcare bill, on his honor, until certain restrictions on abortion were met and the state was promised extra medicare payments for the citizenry of Nebraska. The media dubbed this the "Cornhusker Kickback".

The kickback was later voided, but the healthcare bill was already signed. I never did hear Nelson complain about the kickback being voided.

The statue was dedicated in front of his childhood home, which was moved right next door to where Tammy Scarborough used to live. Tammy was always nice and so I always liked her house. And, her Dad worked at Ben Franklin and would always help us find the things we needed. I don't know whose house they had to kickback in order to put his old house in that spot.

Since this street, known as Norris avenue (named after the former Senator of the same name, George Norris), already has the old house of one previous senator, maybe the town thought that it would be good to let Mr. Nelson know that they thought he should be the next previous Senator to have his old house on this street.

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