Monday, June 28, 2010

the Hard Part

We are getting ready to take a journey to visit the old home town and then off to the city of Denver to visit with my family and some friends. Like every trip we plan, in spite of the rigors of travel, it seems that the hard part is getting ready.

We have to make sure that:
- all the bills are taken care of
- we have a house sitter with adequate instructions
- our work is all squared away for the time we will be gone
- everything is packed
- We have books, audio etc. to entertain us on the way
-the house is cleaned
- the car is serviced and cleaned
- we have a route and lodging
- we get snacks for the long drive
- all my work stuff is secured and all our household stuff is stowed

All this and more without getting so irritated with one another that we ruin our trip.

It has been said that our life here on earth is the preparation phase for the journey of eternity. If that is the case, maybe that is why it seems like it can be so difficult.

Try not to let the irritations of getting ready for that journey ruin it for you.

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