Tuesday, June 15, 2010

That's a lot of bull

Most of the jobs I have had, and probably the ones you have had too, have had things to be scared of. Going to the house where someone has been indiscriminately firing a shotgun around in the yard can be scary. Trying to stop a car that in a remote area that is likely to have armed guards can set your nerves on edge. Putting together a grand event and waiting to see if people are really going to come or facing a classroom full of what may be hostile teenagers can give a person the jitters.

But, for some reason, I am fascinated with this story: Cowardly bullfighter: Mexican matador flees bull

If you read the story or watch the video, you see that the bullfighter just kind of decides not to be in the ring facing the bull anymore. Afterward, to add injury to insult, he is arrested for breach of contract.

In the classic self-defense/personal security/watch out for killer's book The Gift of Fear, the author explains how fear is a good thing, warning us of impending disaster, and should not be ignored.

While the matador's fear is valid, large bulls really can hurt you, it seems that sometimes you need to use the fear to help you focus, drive on, soldier up and face that bull to get the job done.

What sort of bull do you have to face in your work?

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