Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Picture this....

This one is Diane's idea.

She noticed that the City is always spending money on some grand new scheme. Whether it is a myriad of new soccer fields or the "Gardens of the Ancient Signs" parks along the "river" walk to whatever other latest project they think they need to do. She thought it would be great to go out and take pictures of all the things the city is spending money on and put it in an album.

Now, we both enjoy the parks and I think soccer is an excellent game and their is nothing wrong with throwing out some soccer fields so everyone can play. But, when the City is saying that they have no money and are going to have to furlough some cops or fire some firemen or burn down an elementary school with all the children inside, it seems kind of odd that they still have money to put up the "Gardens of the Ancient Signs".

I wish I was being facetious when I mentioned the "Gardens of the Ancient Signs", but right there, along the Pantano "River" walk (which does seem facetious, especially this time of year), it sits. Perhaps they hope that by putting up some ancient religious symbols they will be able to appease the Gods, the rain will fall and the economy will right itself. It obviously worked out well for whoever originally thought up those signs.

So, the next time the City or the State or whomever starts spouting off about how they will have to sacrifice children or sell some firemen into slavery or let all the killers out of prison if we don't give them a pay raise, lets bring around some photos of all the work they have paid for (not done) on the Rio Neuvo project or some snapshots of the Gardens of the Ancient Gods....I mean signs.

Hey, I just had an idea. Since these symbols clearly have a religious significance that does not mirror my own beliefs, I could file a frivolous lawsuit based on the establishment clause. I will have to think about that.

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