Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It is worth a try

Brian McCrary, a phone company worker and speeder caught by a Bluff City Tennessee speed camera went to the police departments website to see about how to deal with the ticket he was sent.

When he arrived at the web page, he saw that the domain name registration was set to expire. Checking back and seeing that the department neglected to renew it's registration, he spent $80 bucks with godaddy.com and now owns the domain name www.bluffcitypd.com.

Now, instead of being the website for the local P.D., you can find information about Bluff City speed traps and links to all sorts of articles about the speed camera phenomenon.

In other news that, could be related, The FCC is trying to gain more regulatory control over the internet. Will they succeed in reducing controversial free speech, such as the anti-(local speed camera) government rhetoric at www.bluffcitypd.com?

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Nichole said...

ahahahaha. Hilarious. Is this one of the things that prompted the new federal internet bill by Lieberman? Seems an infringement on free speech to me! ha!