Friday, September 4, 2009

Don't Whisper at My Dog

There are some places in Tucson where strange people congregate, but I don't think any of them beat where we went yesterday.

Every three years, we have to have our dog's rabies shots updated. I thought we just took her to the Humane Society's clinic and paid for her license a few weeks ago, but Diane told me that, no, it was three years ago and it is due again. So, we found a place that said it offered a daily vaccination clinic from 2pm to 4pm every weekday. Very good. We loaded her (the her being Penny the half Great Dane half Lab dog we have) and took her across town to the Spay and Neuter clinic to wait in line for her shot.

It was quite a crowd. Among it was a 10 month pregnant lady, a woman who didn't know if she had signed in with her real name or her artistic name (no, she was not an exotic dancer), a man with some very pretty diamond stud earrings, a girl with the biggest tattoo of a silhouette of a chandelier that I have ever seen( well, to be fair, it was the only one I've ever seen, but it was a big tattoo), and various other characters.

One thing they all had in common: they could not control their dogs. Well, the tattoo girl and a couple of others had cats in a carry box, but the rest of them all had dogs that would drag them around, frighten everyone with their barking, lunge at each other and all sorts of craziness. One guy had two rottweilers that kept slipping out of their collars and threatening people.

So, I now think that anyone with a dog should be required to read this book before they do anything else.
By the way, I was hoping the tattoo girl would have a really good story as to why she chose a chandelier. It turns out that she just thought it looked cool. I guess it did.

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