Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Have You Seen These things

The latest opinion poll from the Associated Press shows that now 52% of Americans are opposed to the so called "Obamacare" government takeover of health insurance.

When I checked into it, I saw that the poll was of 1,001 people's opinions. Apparently, the majority of these sorts of polls are of a similar number of people. Then, the numbers are extrapolated to show us what we all think.

1,001 people seems like an incredibly small segment of the population to poll and help us determine what everyone's opinion is. It would also seem to matter who they asked. Even if it was a random 1,001 people across the country, it could still be an unbalanced poll, just based on the sheer lack of numbers in the sampling.

I am sure that after the speech tonight, the polls will show that 53% of us are now in favor of the new healthcare ideas. It is easy to get that figure. Just ask a different set of people.


Pastor Albert Motta said...

Two interesting factoids: Polls can be written to get the results desired; and 90% of all statistics are made up one minutes before quoting them.

mrs.fpf said...

Did you just make that up?