Sunday, September 20, 2009


When we were in Hawaii this spring, we took the recommendation of an old friend and hit the Grass Skirt Grill on the North Shore in Haleiwa. The Grass Skirt Grill is just a little hole in the wall place, but it had the most delicious shrimp dish that I think I have ever had.

Apparently a recommendation from her is a good thing.

I am in Denver now. Here in Denver is a restaurant I absolutely loved when I was a kid. Casa Bonita is a mexican restaurant known for it's cliff divers, torch jugglers, strolling mariachis, caverns to explore, Black Bart's Secret Hideout, a game room. This place has the works.

Only, it has the worst mexican food on the planet. Seriously, if you have ever eaten food, you will not like what they have there.

A few years ago we were here visiting my parents and I wanted to take the kids to Casa Bonita. All that fun at reasonable prices. what could be better. We recommended the place to my parents, inviting them to join in the fun. We couldn't understand why they opted out, until we ate there.

Apparently, a recommendation from my childhood is not always a good thing.

We are supposed to have dinner with some old friends tomorrow night. I wonder if they will want to go there.

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