Monday, May 17, 2010

Dr. Fish??

I first heard about this sort of thing about a week ago when a Facebook™ friend posted a short video of himself in Thailand. I think he was in Thailand. In any case, he was sticking his feet into a pool with tiny fish that were eating the dead skin off of his feet. You can see the video, billed as the most shocking and disturbing video on Facebook™, here.

Apparently this is quite the rage, and is beginning to catch on in the U.S. at some spas.

But don't expect to experience this in Arizona. Citing sanitary reasons, a judge ruled against a Gilbert Spa that offered this service. Here is a local article about that legal debacle.


El Cid said...

That is scary.

Something About Larry said...

I dunno. I think I would like to try it. especially after I have been wearing sandals.

Nichole said...

ick. How do the fish know when to stop and only eat DEAD skin? And who says they wont get a taste for flesh and go bonkers for more? its all very creepy!