Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is that barbecue?

Here is a story from my brother's time in the Military. Like me, he was in the Air Force and was a Law Enforcement Specialist. This was back in the day before they combined the two career fields. During that time, when the Security Police deployed, they deployed with Security and Law Enforcement Specialists together, but stateside they were separate career fields.

The Office of Special Investigations got wind of the fact that sandwiches were disappearing from a sandwich dispensing machine. Although I can't speak for the quality of the sandwiches, the rate of loss was great enough that they decided to put up a camera and catch the culprits in the act.
I guess it was so easy to get the sandwiches out, that guys could just reach in and grab what they wanted, ignoring the whole "you are supposed to pay for this" thing.

Once, they were caught by a Sergeant, who caught them red handed and asked just what the hay they thought they were doing. Then he saw a sandwich and asked, "Is that Barbecue?", and joined the guys for dinner.

The guys (not my brother) were caught and discharged, leaving the remnants to work extra hours until they could send out more cops to help guard the base. I guess you shouldn't assume you won't get caught doing the wrong thing just because a bunch of people are doing it too.


Jeremy said...

Discharged from duty that shift or discharged from the Air Force?

JTA said...

They were out of the Air force. They take their sandwiches serious in Texas.