Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Thoughts.....but not deep ones.

Blind guy at the burger joint

I was at In-N-Out with the fam last Saturday to grab a quick lunch. It seemed like a madhouse in there, with people milling around waiting for burgers, people ordering, people getting their ketchup and napkins, people dumping ice into their cups and pouring drink,people talking and laughing, worker's slicing potatoes, worker's calling out order numbers, burgers frying, doors opening and closing.

Then, I saw a blind guy come in.

Wondering what it would be like in there if I was blind, I closed my eyes. I didn't really notice everything going on until I did that, but when I did, I could hear everything. It was overwhelming.

I think we need all our senses to help us make sense of the other senses.

Breaking through to new habits

I recently decided to try and work on my endurance and increase my running distances. I had been running a couple of miles fairly regularly, just to try and maintain a level of fitness. When I decided to increase, I started by adding a mile.

Here is something I noticed. When I hit the two mile mark, my mind, body and spirit all jumped in to remind me that I had gone far enough. Two miles was where it was at, lets not get all crazy. But after doing that a couple of times of hearing all that, they were all quiet and let me get on with the training.

It seems that whenever I want to break through a habit, get better at something or try something new, everything screams at me to stop where I was and not push it any further. It takes a focused disciplined effort to break through.

I'm adding another mile this Sunday. I wonder how that will go.

Run to the sound of the guns

During the civil war, battlefields, lacking all the technological advances in mapping and communications that we can use in modern warfare, could leave a commander wondering where to lead his troops to help change the course of the fight. One of the principles they followed was, if all else failed, run to the sound of the guns. If they wanted to be in on the action and make a difference, that was a good place to start.

Wondering how you can get in on the action and make a difference? figure out where the guns are booming and run that way.

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