Sunday, October 4, 2009

The End is here!

Friday night, we loaded up the children, Diane's sister and one of her kids, some lawn chairs, a cooler with ice cream, popcorn and some iced drinks and headed over to the DeAnza drive in for our last night at the Drive-In here in Tucson. We opted just to catch the first feature, although we could have, at no extra charge, stayed for the second or shot over to another screen to watch what those people over there were watching. It was our final night, since they are closing the theater after this weekend.

I know, drive-ins always seem a little trailer trashy, but I will miss it anyway. yes, sometimes, when the night is bright, it could be difficult to see night scenes on the screen, sometimes you could be gassed by someones old clunker or someone deciding to light up (once I even smelled a joint) and I always brought my gun with me, it was always a good time.

So, as I sat in my chair in the cool night air behind the van, listening to the movie in the surround sound created by the cars all tuned in to the same channel and looking at how much fun the kids, ours and others, were having watching a movie in the night air, I felt a little nostalgic for things that do not last.

Here are a couple of sites that list where you can stil experience the drive in:

If anyone knows of a drive-In theater for sale, let me know. I want one of my own.

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