Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wanna do something fun?

Tucson's Last Stand is coming October 10th to the Tucson Electric Park. I guess they need to use that place for something.

Speakers include Judge Andrew Napolitano, James T. Harris and Barry Goldwater Jr.

Local politicians will also be bringing themselves and their booths out for the event.

Their press says, "Hosted by the Tucson Tea Party, this event will offer nationally renowned speakers, local talk radio hosts, and political candidates who will engage the audience on important issues of the day, including unsustainable government spending, the role of government in the private sphere, the constitution, and local political issues.

Attendees will also be able to engage directly with City Council and Congressional candidates who are competing in upcoming elections."

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DC Le Peau said...

Obviously I'm a little late catching up on your blog J, but I got a question. Where were these tea parties 5-6-7 years ago when our government started it's unsustainable spending...or wait, was that during the Regan administration?

Love your blog, always gets me thinking.