Thursday, October 15, 2009

On the other hand.....of God

My good friend Troy, who endured countless lectures and discussions with me at school, took a position as Pastor at a small Church in a very small town in Kansas. Since the town was in a farming community the Church actually had a larger population than the town. Troy told me how this Church, a member of the American Baptist denomination, came to be the Church in town.

Some years ago, some time after the turn of the century, the town had three Churches. One unfortunate year, two of the three Churches were destroyed by tornados, leaving only the Baptist church standing. The hardworking folks of the area joined together and rebuilt both of the razed structures. The following year, the same two Churches were wrecked when yet another tornado swept across the prairies and blew them down.

The people of the town, not only known for being hardworking, but also renowned for the common sense that all mid westerners so readily display, decided that God was trying to tell them something. After these portentous events, the whole lot of them became baptists.

Now, I am not one to immediately label all changes in the weather as some sort of an attempt of God to communicate with us. On the other hand, when faced like something like this, do you really want to keep building your buildings?

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