Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not by 40

The Tucson newspaper recently announced it's annual 40 Under 40 awards for the area. These are quite popular events nationwide that recognize top achievers in their respective fields. It looks like I will not make any of these lists, as I am fast approaching 40. While I am consoled by the fact that you probably won't make any of these lists either, I thought it would be somewhat cathartic to remember some of the things I have achieved in my few years on the planet.

So, while I will probably not be president prior to 40, here are a few things I have done...some I am proud of and some I threw on just for fun. See if you can tell which is which:

- I was a member of the three man championship Brain Bowl team for two years straight in High School.
- I attended a war and was even given a couple of little medals for it. I think I have them around somewhere.
- Married a wonderful lady and will be married to her for 18 years before I am 40
- Actually graduated from a college
-Went on a 3 week missions/tour trip of Israel
- Became a Senior Pastor of a Church before age 25, if you can call someone under 25 Senior
- Was responsible for starting and developing a new church in California that is still thriving and affecting lives today. Yes, I am the one responsible for that, in case you want someone to blame
-Won a trip to India and spent the time there helping teach Church Leaders
- Dad to 4 great kids
- I have a job that I enjoy
-I am sure there are some other things..I just thought my list might help you think of some great things you have done and motivate you to your next achievement

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