Friday, October 16, 2009

The Preservation of Favoured Races..........

When we lived in Safford, our daughter Emily was born. The ladies of the church made their obligatory pilgrimage to our house to view the Pastor's new baby.

One lady who came held her and then commented on how she just loved her light and wispy hair. It was so beautiful, she told us, with an adoring smile on her face.

Her features then contorted to what, in my memory, appeared almost demonic and she snarled, "Not like those Mexican babies, with all their hair."

Apparently, it was not quite right, in her opinion, to be either a mexican baby or to have mexican baby hair. Where do these people come from?

Darwin certainly did his part in naming his famous work "The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection", subtitling it "The Preservation of Favoured Races In the Struggle For Life". Even though the people of the Church didn't believe in Darwinian Evolution, there are still some who thought the idea of Favoured Races wasn't so far off. Not what one should be learning, or even pretending to believe, at church at all.

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